I feel nice… sugar and spice

Your mood can be affected by what you eat, where you eat and even how you eat (on the fly in the car or sat down over a luxuriously long dinner). So, along with with what you put into your mouths (which I’ll come to in part 2 of this blog), how about the preparation itself? Some people love cooking, others don’t. Simple as that?

You may easily think you don’t like cooking, especially if your life has been full of lots of ‘duty’ cooking – family meals have to be made and when you’re by yourself cooking is often something to just get out the way at the end of a hard day. Sometimes, however, if you get the chance to spend a little extra time on a meal or creating/baking something and you may find that actually it can be a really relaxing, creative experience.

I hate cooking on work nights and try to make it as easy for myself as I can (without getting too unhealthy) but if I get some free time at the weekend, a long stretch preparing a Saturday or Sunday night meal, with no time or people pressure can be so lovely. I generally like to cook things where time isn’t of the essence – bolognese or bakes for instance, or something that I know so well it’s second nature (roast dinners!). I like cooking for other people but I don’t like the stress of timings being important and things being intricate. Some people, however, thrive on that and that’s where they get their kicks. We’re both having fun and people are getting fed well, so it doesn’t matter. Read more…