It’s Brighton sunny by the seaside

Once we decided that we had to stay in the UK longer in order to save, we decided the only way we could handle it without going loopy, would be to get back to Brighton. So, no matter how hard it seemed, we would be in the place we love most in England and be near friends too. It has meant long, painful commutes, but it really is the only place to be. It continues to surprise me and make me smile.

Brighton is full of free spirits. Though it can quite rightly be accused of having too many Londoners moving in and over-gentrifying it, like New York, the change can be what continues to make it interesting.

It has lots of art, oddness, fun and tasty things.

There’s always things going on and although it can be a bit of a nightmare in the summer, the beach is where everyone heads when the sun is out.


Some say a pebble beach isn’t a real beach. But what better for bbq’s than being able to plonk it on fireproof ground and hold ur wine glass up by buring the stem in pebbles :)











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