I read an argument that Bucket Lists are a bit lame because, with death as your deadline, you’re not really making any of the activities a priority. Fair point, but I don’t see my list as a before-I-kick-the Bucket list. I see it, more of a To Do list. I’ve only just realised, writing this, how much of my old bucket or wish list I have accomplished. I’ve visited weird and wonderful places that I’ve gotten the notion I want to see. A fair few of the big things I’ve really wanted to do, I’ve done. I moved to exactly where I wanted to be, Brighton, which wasn’t easy and meant a very hard, uncomfortable 6 months. But I did it and it was worth it. I left my job and security to go travelling. Obviously this wasn’t easy but I made it happen and it’s most definitely worth it. So, thinking back on this, it gives me confidence that this list will hopefully involve a lot of ticking off in the next couple of years, be added to and changed however I fancy.

This is the current list of things I would very much like (and intend) to do. Please forgive me for all shallowness but there is a selfish nature to all bucket lists:

  1. See the Northern Lights (obvious!)
  2. Try pink gin and gin & it
  3. Dance the night away in Cuba – ok so I didn’t dance so much as was sick but my heart was dancing
  4. See a spectacular sunrise (I can never be bothered to get up in time)
  5. Fly 1st Class
  6. Drive in an old station wagon
  7. Bathe in a thermal or mud pool in Iceland
  8. Spend Christmas somewhere very snowy
  9. Visit the modern art museum, Tasmania
  10. Bathe in thermal mud
  11. Snorkel with Dolphins and/or Whale Sharks (not so easy when you’re nervous in the water)
  12. Sleep in the desert
  13. Go to the opera
  14. Visit the Lazy Meadow in the Catskills
  15. Celebrate the day of the dead in Mexico
  16. See a moose in the wild
  17. Publish a book
  18. Go to a theme restaurant in Japan
  19. Live a Scandinavian life  for at least a month
  20. See a Kangaroo in the wild
  21. Watch gig at Montreal Comedy festival
  22. Make a photography book
  23. Stay in an over-the-water stilt house
  24. Go to Dollywood
  25. Eat Dim Sum in Hong Kong
  26. Visit a bone chandelier chapel
  27. Attend the Burning Man Festival
  28. Try eggnog
  29. Wash an elephant
  30. Sky dive
  31. Sleep in an Ice Hotel
  32. See an enormous, spectacular fireworks show (Montreal – mind blowing)
  33. See Stevie Wonder live
  34. Speak well in another language
  35. Fire walk (not in a Twin Peaks stylee)
  36. Do a tent safari somewhere in Africa
  37. Inspire someone
  38. Watch the Singapore Night Grand Prix from up high
  39. Go on the (crazy expensive) plane thing in Vegas which makes you experience weightlessness
  40. Swim in the stingless jellyfish lake in Palau