Dolly sung about the torture that 9 to 5 can be and having escaped it for a couple of years I agree more than ever.
But what can I do to stay away permanently – to leave the rat race for good? I don’t want to be a grindstone cowgirl!

In the last year of our first travelling stint we picked up work and were able to earn enough to tread on water financially. This has given me confidence that there are ways and means and we can do it in the long term.

So, with our plan that the next time we go away, it will be to not return to the UK for good,  I’m going to be investigating/trying different ways, means, professions, ideas to keep me, not so much on the road, but away from the road (so I never have to commute for hours each day again). I’d like to mix up different ideas and notions into one life. It’ll mean being brave but I’ve learnt I am brave and that you have to be to get what you want.

I’ve been working hard since my teens, not having gone to college – so no long summers of travel in my youth. I got my first mortgage in my early 20s, so have had a big chunk of my life revolving around commitments and responsibility. I strove for things – financial security, nice things, great holidays… and over time I got them. But then what?
I didn’t hate my job and I was good at it, but I hated the trap, I hated having to spend hours each day to go to an office when most of the time I didn’t need to be there to do my work anyhow.  The infamous work life balance weighed heavily on the work side.

So what I would like now is to find work that doesn’t tie me down. I only became aware of the concept of being ‘location independent’ a few years ago and ever since then I have known that this is what I would like most and is what I’ve always been looking for in my life. That’s not to say that I want to be constantly on the move, travelling forever, but I would like to not have to be tied down to one place for incredibly long periods. It’s all about that idea of freedom. I’m not aiming to be a free spirit flitting from ashram to tree house (I am way too practical and modern-life loving for that) but I think that it’s almost my only option to find out what I can do and where I can do it.
I have a good worth ethic and frankly I couldn’t stand the idea of never working or having a purpose. I just need to find ways to put that to good use to pay for my living expenses. When I will be no longer based in the UK, these living expenses will be a heck of a lot lower, but obviously how much less is going to be based on where I am. Ideally I’d like to be making enough money to cover living stints in more expensive places like Western Europe, North America and Australia.

So, my life is due to become one big old experiment. I will try to put existing and new skills into the pot, mix with some creativity, some different locations, a pinch of financial constraints and see what happens. Hopefully it won’t simply explode!