I always have a plan.

I didn’t use to have a plan. I kind of ambled through life, things happened to me, good and bad. And that of course, created the life I had. Not a bad one, but not an intentional one.

Then I was introduced to the idea that if you wanted a great life then you had to make it happen – it didn’t just happen to you. Crazy notion eh?

So I started to do just that. Things don’t happen quickly, but you have to point your toes in the direction that you want to travel. If you have an intention and a plan, then you can change your life. The plan may change as things change, may get diverted. But you always know what your intention is. That’s the most important thing.


Travel plan…


This is certainly true with travel. I don’t mean so much the planning of the travel itself, but the plan of the kind of ways you’re going to travel.

About 10 years ago I made the decision that I was going to make travel a priority in my life. This led to lots of amazing, if short, trips and adventures.
Then I realised it had to be more than that and I decided I had to make a long trip happen in my life, while I had the chance. Or rather I had to make the chance happen.  It didn’t happen straight away, but of course, the intention was there so I saved and prepared and then eventually it did happen.

Before our 2 year trip, I’d learned about the concept of digital nomading, long term travel. And while on the road, we pretty much added an extra year by working online. I say we, now, because before we had gone away Mark had not really had a great desire for a nomadic lifestyle. But now he doesn’t have as much wanderlust as me, but he certainly is a convert to the freedom of digital nomading and not being stuck in your place of birth.

So, we knew we wanted the travelling life-style, but due to keeping the property we had in the UK (as part of the long term plan), we had to come back to pay for a bunch of work that needed doing on that building. We wanted to get going again as soon as possible, but actually I put another ‘idea of a plan’ to Mark which involved us staying and working in the UK for a bit longer than we wanted, to help set us up in the longer term. It’s tough going. We both have awful commutes and having tasted what life could be, find it even harder to be tied down and deal with the awful British weather. But ultimately, what keeps us going, is having an intention and a plan. It is the greatest motivation. We’ve pointed our toes in the direction of the escape and every step will take us there.