Swap skills

Swap skills with friends, family or acquaintances. You can arrange flowers, Mary can knit. Get together over tea, coffee or cocktails and spend time passing on what you know and learning something new.

Swapping skills can scoop out a bunch of sweets from the feel good pick and mix. The following things have come up time and again on happiness studies:
– Doing something that positively impacts others (has a beneficial effect on how you feel about yourself).
– Learning something new.
– Do things that challenge your creativity and make you feel productive
– Spending time with people you like
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Hey babe, take a walk on the wild side

I must start this by stating that I am not a good gardener. In fact I couldn’t even say I’m any kind of gardener. I am the kiss of death for any kind of greenery. I long ago abandoned house plants, despite the general consensus that every home should have them. I appreciate that having healthy, blooming plants and flowers about the place would be cheering but having yellowing, curling, limp leaves is a real guilt inducing, mood killer. I don’t like gardening and am not good at it. All my past gardens have been pretty lacking in the bloomage front, despite the occasional enthusiastic endeavors, usually inspired by a hot, summers day and the idea of spending lots of time in said garden. A few weeks on and the plants have usually disintegrated or, more often than not, my interest has. Read more…

Dancing in the Street (plus points of partying)

The royal jubilee weekend in the UK has now started and people all over the British Isles (as well as some commonwealth counties) will be partaking of the newly resurrected tradition of street parties. It’s likely not so much a show of allegiance to the crown, but rather a good excuse for a good old knees up. I’m not quite sure when such community activities came back into popularity but there was definitely a couple decades where people, particularly the young, wouldn’t have entertained the idea of hanging out with their neighbours or doing anything for the community. It just seemed a bit of an old fashioned and even foreign concept. But somewhere along the line, particularly as times got harder financially, ‘community’ has made a come back and along with it, has come the resurgence of the street party. Read more…