Vintage Voyages – Retro Vacation Destinations

I love travel and I love vintage, so put them together and you have a head spinningly happy girl!! I’m lucky enough to be on my long term (round some of the globe) travels but sometimes not having a home, living out of a rucksack and not buying things (as I have nowhere to put them!) makes me feel a little glum after many years of collecting weird and wonderful collectibles (as well as lots of lovable tat). I am of course spoilt to have this ‘problem’ but if on my travels I come across anything vintage or retro, I literally swoon with joy at the chance of indulging my years-gone-by yearnings.

I recently went to Hanoi which had an exotic, nostalgic ambience which happily enabled me to get that retro fix I’d been missing out on. It got me thinking about other places I’d been that have that kind of vibe. So, here is my list of destinations which I think have great vintage appeal.
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