The Alora of Andalusia

We popped over to Spain from the UK for a long weekend. Although the flight times mean 2 days are spent mostly travelling, it’s still enough time to cut down your pace to Spanish time and relax.

A hilly, old town, Alora is stunning in a stunning mountainous setting. A ‘Pueblo Blanco’ or white village, though it’s bigger than a village with quite a number of shops and restaurants. A very spanish town without much of a tourism industry, it’s off the beaten track without being at all off the beaten track. It’s on a trainline that takes you in 30 minutes to Malaga city centre and 10 minutes more to the airport, for an incredibly cheap fair and an efficient service. The houses tend to be on multiple stories and when on the roof terraces in every direction, there are amazing views.



The best bed in the world

We stayed, as we so often do, in a place we found on airbnb. This great, one bedroom townhouse was in the centre of town for easy access to everything. Our hosts, Sharon and Richard also run a b&b in their home  in the countryside outside Alora. They couldn’t have been more helpful before, during and after our visit.

The house itself was set on 4 floors with a room on each floor. The kitchen at the bottom and the bathroom and terrace at the very top. Don’t, like I did, leave your sunglasses on the kitchen table and only realise when you get to the terrace – it’s a long way down and then back up again 😉

It was a lovely, cosy property and although the terrace and the views were diving, the very best thing was the bed. Comfiest bed I have ever slept in. I could go there again just to spend the whole time lying in that bed!!

Not for the faint hearted

When I say that Alora is hilly, I mean REALLY hilly. It’s quite a hike from the bottom of the town to the top but most of the shops, restaurants, the main square and car parks etc are spread out over the top on a flatter level.


Quack and chips

We didn’t get to try a great array of the restaurants or cafe’s but we did get a recommendation to go to Casa Abilio which was a lovely place. Great food and a really nice cosy feel to the restaurant.

The squid croquettes were as lovely as they look and the huge duck breast could easily have been shared between 2. There was a comedy show a few years back on the BBC which featured a family obsessed with Quack and chips. I have never before seen duck and chips on a menu so I was quite pleased to finally experience it and in such a fancy setting.

Alora_squidink_mob Alora_duck_mob


Just by popping to the local convenience store we gathered some amazing meats, cheeses and bread and enjoyed eating on our sunny terrace. We also got given a big bag of oranges from our hosts, from the trees in their garden, which made the most divine orange juice.

Because we went over a religious weekend, things were shut a lot more than usual, but we do intend to re-visit as we fell for the place and would love to experience more.


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