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Bolneuvo’s Brilliant Boulders

February 10, 2018

Bolneuvo’s Brilliant Boulders

February 10, 2018

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I came across some images of the rock formation at Bolneuvo when looking around for something entirely different but was surprised that I’d never seen mention of them before.  This was just a couple of hours away from us so I managed to squeeze in a 1 night stay on the coast on our way back from Granada, to check it out and also in the hope of somewhere a little more lively in January.

We booked into a really nice hotel in Puerto de Mazarron. It really is amazing the great deals on hotels you can get on the Costa Blanca outside of the holiday seasons. We paid about 35 Euro for a double for the night.

Before checking in we headed the 10 minutes down the road to Bolneuvo. It wasn’t what I expected at all. I’d kind of assumed it was in a remote area, in a kind of national park type situation, but it’s basically surrounded by houses with a carpark in front, the coast road, then the beach. Which is kind of cool when it’s empty in January, but I imagine is crazy busy in the summer. And you literally can climb up all over it which can’t be good for its preservation because as we know, people value their photo opportunity more than they do nature. One of the rocks looked, to me, rather like Lisa Simpson.

I now realise we are valuing our photo opportunity rather than maybe staying away for the greater good.

In summary

It turned out that round these parts it really is not much livelier out of season than back in our little town, and as the hotel was so nice, we just decided to stay there for the night. They had a really nice bar area with cosy chairs and a real fire and a pretty decent restaurant too. It’s great to be able to visit these places out of season when they are more than half empty and half price. Especially when you get a sunny (if chilly) day. I’m not sure it’s somewhere I’d go back but glad we dropped in and saw this impressive natural sight.