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Australia – in summary

March 29, 2012 9 min read

by Kt 29.03.2012 Well to sum up Australia in a few words? Bonzer!! Ripper!!! BBQ-tastic!!! Actually we never actually managed a BBQ in all our time, too much rain, but even though it was unusually cruddy weather we loved it […]


March 24, 2012 11 min read

by Kt 24.03.2012 We arrived in Perth on a sunday. I could have kicked myself because as we have learned previously, it’s not a good day to travel. We had to get a bus from the airport, walk a bit […]

Oz East Coast Roadtrip

March 12, 2012 12 min read

by Kt 12.03.2012 Mark and I do like a good road trip. The driving bit itself is a lot of fun. You see something interesting, you stop and have a look. Although actually you don’t do that as much as […]

Sydney and some Jucy gossip

March 10, 2012 14 min read

by Kt 10.03.2012 So, our time in Sydney continued, mostly in the wet. They’ve had the wettest summer on history or some happy fact like that and in fact it’s pretty serious with large parts of New South Wales under […]