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Hiroshima & Miyajima island

May 6, 2013 8 min read

by Kt 06.05.2013 I did think about not using a bad pun for the Hiroshima blog but actually, a bit like in Phnom Penh with the killing fields, it’s a shame that with Hiroshima, it generally gets talked about outside […]

Uno-s what we’ll see at Naoshima art island

April 28, 2013 9 min read

by Kt 28.04.2013 So, this was going to be another 2 night stay with the main aim to be visiting the Naoshima art island. I read about this place a few years ago and desperately wanted to go ever since. […]

Going loco down in Kyoto

April 26, 2013 13 min read

by Kt 26.04.2013 So, our whistle stop tour of Japan began with Kyoto. We only had a couple of nights so we were going to have to pack in as much as we could. It didn’t get off to a […]

Everything is Tokyo-K

April 18, 2013 30 min read

by Kt 18.04.2013 Prepare yourself for a lot of me waxing lyrical as I simply adored this country. From the moment we arrived to the moment we left I never got bored, was enthralled and have since pined for it. […]