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Hong Kong Architecture & Art

January 24, 2013

Hong Kong Architecture & Art

January 24, 2013

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Hong Kong

Although I wasn’t particularly inspired by the skyline as we floated in on that grey day, I soon appreciated the shiny mega buildings and the vast blocks of apartments you get as you see as you edge out of the financial districts.

I was amazed how few apartment blocks had balconies. I get that they need to be small, but to be able to just step out a few inches into fresh makes such a difference I think. None-the-less there was something about the buildings in Hong Kong that just drew me in – even the grimy, run down ones!

There’s a lot of 40s-60s architecture which I love but sadly they are having a tendency to knock this down (and even older). It’s apparently an ongoing battle to convince the Hong Kong big wigs not to rip everything down but that restoration can be good.

HK_sony_architecture4.jpg HK_sony_architecture5.jpgHK_sony_architecture3.jpg HK_sony_architecture1.jpg

HK_sony_architecture2.jpg HK_sony_ar..renew_port1.jpg
HK_sony_ar..renew_port2.jpg HK_sony_ar..renew_port3.jpg

HK_sony_ar..renew_land1.jpg HK_sony_ar..renew_land2.jpgHK_sony_ar..renew_land3.jpg HK_sony_ar..renew_land4.jpg

HK_slr_architecture_land1.jpg HK_slr_architecture_land2.jpg

HK_slr_architecture_land3.jpg HK_slr_architecture_land4.jpg

HK_slr_architecture_land5.jpg HK_slr_arc..renew_land1.jpg

HK_slr_arc..renew_land2.jpg HK_slr_arc..renew_land3.jpg

HK_slr_arc..renew_land4.jpg HK_slr_arc..renew_land5.jpg

HK_slr_arc..renew_land6.jpg HK_slr_arc..renew_land7.jpg

HK_slr_arc..renew_land8.jpg HK_slr_arc..renew_land9.jpg

HK_slr_architecture_port1.jpg HK_slr_architecture_port2.jpg HK_slr_links.jpg



Well Macau had the huge, vegas-esque casinos standing in massive grounds as well as the narrow european style streets of the old city. Throw in some 60s blocks and you’ve got an unusual mix but it kind of works. Will be interesting to see how it will change in the future. Hopefully not all big old hotel-casinos but they do seem to be building them on nondescript land – not knocking down great old areas. At least I hope not. But if they do, I hope they are kind of themey and a bit tacky and fun – not dull like the copy of the Wynn they’ve got there. There were a few example of new architecture that were quirky. Will be interesting to see this place in 10 years.

Macau_slr_..ecture_shop.jpg Macau_slr_..ectureland2.jpg

Macau_slr_architecture1.jpg Macau_slr_building.jpg



It was nice to be back in a city full of art. Be it big exhibitions in galleries or street art or illustrations – there was a visual treat everywhere.

HK_mob_art_spraycan.jpg HK_mob_art_fish.jpg HK_mob_artfigure.jpg

Warhol exhibition

We went to the Warhol exhibit at the art museum in the harbour of Kowloon which was really nicely done. Always love a bit of Warhol.
I really liked that the way they advertised the exhibition so proudly and in essence made the building part of the exhibit.