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France is but a Lille distance away

August 25, 2014

France is but a Lille distance away

August 25, 2014

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After having spent 2 years abroad it felt weird not to have left the country in so long, so with our great friends, Rachel and Joe, we arranged a quick nip across the channel to the first stop on the Eurostar – Lille.  I’d never actually been on the Eurostar – only on the car train as I’d always lived far enough out of London for it not to be particularly convenient. But having moved to outer London, I found that if you’re in the city or the surrounding areas it really is super convenient. It actually feels quite odd to be whisked into another country and culture so quickly/easily.

We stayed at a gorgeous little apartment through  The 2-bed apartment complete with guitar and piano, was so cool, homely and yes, chic! that I’d happily have stayed in all weekend, eating bits picked up from the boulangeries and supermarkets.

But we made ourselves venture out and found Lille to be a gorgeous, historic town full of character. You can certainly tell you’re in France.  It has lots of French characteristics and cliches but definitely in a good way.

Even the shades of stone and paint give it an unmistakable French air and just a couple of hours from London you can find horse butchers.


It was easy to find crepes as well as one of my favourite things – galettes. These buckwheat pancakes which are from this corner of France and our one of my favourite things. Fillings are best savoury and can include cheese and onion and even potatoe for a heavy feed.

It was, of course, patisserie heaven. I almost got drunk on the rum baba it packed such a punch.

We also tried buckwheat pancakes and had the greatest croissants known the man.

I haven’t had snails for years so I couldn’t resist a snail roll – what’s not to love?

It’s a very walkable city and fantastic for a weekend away if based in the UK as it was very accessible but so very different. The pace of life from London, in particular, drops 10 fold.  There is interesting and unique shopping, art and, of course, great food.