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Hoping lightening doesn’t strike thrice

December 16, 2011

Hoping lightening doesn’t strike thrice

December 16, 2011

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by Kt


So today I am finally de-burnt enough to venture out under the rays.
The morning was fairly nice and managed a bit of kayaking and lounging on the beach – but early afternoon the rain kicked in and hasn’t really left.
We had a cracker of a storm – literally – there was a thunder crack so loud it seemed the whole building would fall down – everyone jumped and looked worried – staff and tourists!!

After my 2 lightening strikes at home and having blown up a toaster yesterday (not just that it stopped working – it crackled and banged and blew up), I am slightly concerned by my being a magnet for electricity and lightening. Lets see if I can get off this island un-frazzled.

I have sat on the laptop for a few hours this afternoon, (outside looking out to sea, I might add before you consider me a total loser).
I’ve been monotonously cropping and re-sizing photos for a great deal of time and organising files on the mac. Mark has commented how tedious it all is, but rather worryingly, after a few hours doing that I think I’m the most relaxed I’ve been so far this trip. Oh dear. Oh very dear me.
Maybe I should stay away from trying to find myself, as I’ll just find that I am in fact, by nature, a control freak, anal nerd!!!
But hey, at least I’m one in Fiji, with a beer :)