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Maqai day 3 and back to the mainland

January 1, 2012

Maqai day 3 and back to the mainland

January 1, 2012

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By Kt


Well the beer crisis was averted when someone was going to the main island and offered to get us some more. Phew! I know you must all be pleased for us and were quite possibly on the edge of your seats.
We are well stocked for tonights activites thank goodness.
Apparently in Fiji the tradition is to throw water over each other new years eve – we are ready and prepared!

Last few days have been lovely – there’s a gentle breeze from the ocean which makes it a bit cooler here. We’ve come to have met some really nice people – staff and guests.  There’s a group of 10 from Australia, the adults being various couples and brothers and sisters, then four kids, two boys around 10 and then two girls around 12. They were such nice, well adjusted kids and the boys kept us amused with the hermit crabs they’d collected and ‘raced’ and with card tricks. They were pretty good – give em a couple of years and they could do some good sharking. One of the families had just finished a year long trip around Oz so we were picking up tips (and getting quite concerned about wild dogs – dingos breeding with alsations – gulp!).

So what else has happened? Well I had to capture a big old spider in our room coz Mark was too scared – big girls blouse!!

We’ve basically had our own stretch of beach to ourselves whenever we’ve popped down to the sea. Is gorgeous but u do need to be careful of the tides because you can scratch or cut yourself on the reef.

Tonight we are having a Lovo, where they cook chicken and fish under ground – always lovely and we were very excited to see a big bag of crabs in the kitchen. Not sure we’ve got much enthusiasm to stay up until 12 but am sure we’ll manage with some beer for encouragement.

Leaving Tuvununu

Nice to be back for even a short time but saying goodbye was v sad – such a small place, that you knew everyone pretty well.

The morning we left, who should turn up on his way over to Maqai, but the guy, Kim who, for anyone who read early Tuvununu blogs, is the one with the charming c-word Tshirt, that he wore when we had the church carol singers. Meg had told us that, being Danish, he didnt understand how offensive it was, but I wasnt convinced. That was until he turned up wearing it with his mother and her friend, both, lovely, straight-laced ladies in their 60s, at least.. So clearly none of em have any idea how offensive it was. Did cringe a bit as we had an American couple with us, who had 3 kids – but oh well!

The American family had just moved to Suva (I think he may have worked at the embassy) and the kids were quite funny smart arses! The night before, the new year water throwing had continued much to their delight and having been told not to do it inside, they prowled around the decking, desperate for someone to set foot outside. The funniest thing was that the dad, really looked like Barrack Obama. It was really disconcerting. Even his mannerisms and voice were similar.

We shared a long delay with them when we finally went to the islands airport. The plane was incy, which I very much enjoyed, whilst Mark, not so much!! An hour later we touched down is Suva, feeling very pleased we hadn’t endured to 18 hours back by ferry.