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Hi! I'm Katie - Web Developer, Virtual Assistant & Digital Nomad

A corporate escapee, creating a non-traditional life of flexibility and freedom. This site is my travel journal, full of my experiences, thoughts and findings. Hopefully among these travel stories you will find some inspiration and lots of practical tips, both for travel junkies or dabblers.

Fiji – in summary

January 15, 2012 5 min read

by Kt 17.01.2012 We were very taken by Fiji. It is definitely somewhere, were it not so far away, I could imagine having a second home and spending a lot of time. Mark in particular didn’t want to leave and […]

Apologies dear reader

January 13, 2012 1 min read

by Kt 13.01.2012 For the many, many spelling mistakes and odd words in the blogs – we’ve had no laptop since week as the macbook died and I’ve been doing them all on my iphone which has been pretty tricky […]

We’ve come full circle in Fiji

January 9, 2012 1 min read

By Kt 09.01.2012 back in Nadi bay (pronounced Nandi btw – that confused us for a while). Last time we were here, after marathon flights from uk, we slept for about 20 hours, so hopefully we’ll make a little more […]

Tsulu – next destination not so nice

January 5, 2012 3 min read

By Kt 05.01.2012 Well I kind of suspected, having experienced ‘out of the way’ Fiji and also, having gone past it on the way to Suva a few weeks back, that I wouldn’t like backpackers much. I was right, it […]

Maqai (New Years Day)

January 2, 2012 2 min read

By Kt 01.01.2012 So, we managed to stay up until midnight, in fact we went to bed at 4. Lots of beer, rum from water pistols, cava and being soaked by water. It was basically a big, messy, fun night. […]