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Hi! I'm Katie - Web Developer, Virtual Assistant & Digital Nomad

A corporate escapee, creating a non-traditional life of flexibility and freedom. This site is my travel journal, full of my experiences, thoughts and findings. Hopefully among these travel stories you will find some inspiration and lots of practical tips, both for travel junkies or dabblers.

Bogo-ta for having us Colombia

March 6, 2019 7 min read

Most non-travellers still make jokes or look concerned when you tell them you are going to Colombia. It’s got a past and a reputation, but it’s a different place to how it was a decade ago and it also, obviously, […]

Aruba – come on pretty mama

March 3, 2019 6 min read

My main reason for being this side of the Atlantic was for me to meet up with family from New York state in Aruba. An offer of a spare room while they holidayed here was too good for me to […]

NYC – the place I do so love to be

March 2, 2019 10 min read

It’s a long time since we’d left Europe and travelling further afield was well overdue. An invite from family to meet them on the Caribbean island of Aruba, spiralled into a 2-month trip, mostly to Costa Rica, by way of […]

Retro Oliva

December 18, 2018 3 min read

There are a few retro things in my adopted Spanish home town that I simply love. The iconic service station This architect designed petrol station and rest stop ‘El Rebollet’ is kind of acknowledged but unfortunately not really loved and […]

Vintage Voyages – Retro Vacation Destinations

December 15, 2018 8 min read

I love travel and I love vintage, so put them together and you have a head-spinningly happy girl!!  I love the way that retro means such different thing and is treated so differently in different cultures and places. Of course, […]

Lovely-jubbly Ljubljana

August 26, 2018 10 min read

First things first – even after I’d booked our trip, I didn’t know how to pronounce it. It’s Loob-lee-ah-nah. I had kept seeing the capital city of Slovenia, Ljubljana, popping up in articles about (not so) hidden gems and places […]