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December 24, 2011


December 24, 2011

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By Kt


This place is lovely. There are issues obviously, the fan doesn’t work in our room, not that the electricity is on for more than a few hours a day. And it seems v spoilt moaning about that but my god it’s hot.
There is no choice of meals, just veg or not, but it turns out that the cook here is a genius. Food is just delicious.
We have to go out to get water n beer etc, but they’ll do a shop run at least once a day.
It’s a chilled, happy environment. I like the quirkiness of the building. It’s got an odd character and a likeable one.

One of the Fijian guys plays guitar beautifully and as ever all their singing is harmonic.
We finally got to drink cava, the root concoction which gives u a little high, or low rather. It’s mainly tingling lips and boy do u sleep well!

There’s chickens about the place who are entertaining, a couple of local dogs who frankly look like dingos.
The lagoon out front is rocky and have seen some massive fish.
On the taxi journey down Mark pointed us out to some dolphins but I said straight away they looked like sharks, backed up by the wildlife expert from Cambridge we were travelling with. So, so far, the rocky lagoon has been a great excuse to stay well clear of the water.

Today is Xmas day and although have no idea what it will entail, are looking forward to our feast.
I have treated myself to some wine as an Xmas treat. Crazy me!